Microdosing Mindfully: A Journey of Peace and Presence with Lauren Alderfer, PhD

Meet the remarkable Lauren Alderfer, PhD., a luminous figure in the world of mindfulness education and author of the groundbreaking book, ‘The Mindful Microdosing Journal.’ With a career spanning continents and an illustrious background, Lauren’s expertise is a fusion of mindfulness practices, microdosing wisdom, and a profound commitment to fostering well-being.

Lauren’s unique perspective stems from her extensive experience as a mindfulness practitioner, educator, and global visionary. Her refreshing voice and approach to microdosing are informed by decades of dedicated practice and a passion for guiding both beginners and experienced microdosers on the path to optimal well-being through mindfulness integration.

Beyond her literary contributions, Lauren’s wisdom extends into the realm of non-duality, enriching one’s presence and forging connections with the self, others, and the world in pursuit of greater peace.

Lauren’s journey began as a Fulbright English Language Fellow in the Andean region, where she resided for over two decades. In 2015, her book ‘Teaching from the Heart of Mindfulness’ claimed the top spot in the INDIE awards for the best book in education. This work showcased her mindfulness-based approach to teaching, setting her apart with her unique blend of early meditation initiation and formative training at World Learning, an institution deeply committed to self-reflection and the creation of a more sustainable, peaceful, and just world.

Lauren’s influence extends to academia, where she served as an adjunct faculty member at SIT Graduate Institute, World Learning, for more than 25 years. With her expertise, Lauren takes us on an enlightening journey toward inner peace, self-discovery, and holistic well-being. Welcome to the world of Lauren Alderfer, where mindfulness meets microdosing for a transformative adventure.


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Microdosing Mindfully: A Journey of Peace and Presence with Lauren Alderfer, PhD
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