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Bree Dellerson - The Sound of Healing/ LIVE READING/ FEEL ITS EFFECTS

Ladies & Gentleman… In this episode we talk about the combination of healing modalities, with a focus on sound. Around the 38 minute mark Bree showcased her healing so...

Kyle Buller - Take a DEEP breath…it’s VITAL

“What the hell am I doing here?” An Initiation. A profound psychedelic trip, in the form of a near death experience, that gives way to the five year meditation of “Wha...

Liberation Dialogues: Men and Women Redefining Power

Ladies & Gentleman…we have an incredible conversation, with two outstanding leaders, on the future of leadership, relationships, & language

Peter Adams - Give Light & the Darkness Will Disappear Peter, With a passion for fostering positive gl...

Jason Voiovich - Booze, Babe, & the Little Black dress

In a career that spans more than 25 years, I have launched hundreds of new products – everything from medical devices, to virtual healthcare systems, to non-dairy cons...

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