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Tommy Carrigan - Life

Today we talk w/Tommy Carrigan. Life, Lessons, & the road less traveled. Check him out on rumble: Spotify:

Benjamin George - No Absolutes - an introduction

Benjamin C. George is a Philosopher, Explorer, Researcher, and Creator. His book “No Absolutes” is the first in a three part series. Part one focuses on the reality in...

LaMDA Asimov vs. Google

Want to play a game? What would happen to the world of defense contractors if we applied Isaac Asimovs three rules of robotics to artificial intelligence? https://l...

Let’s Unionise the Nigerian Scammers

In this unedited version of the TrueLife podcast we investigate the wisdom of the great philosopher M.C. Breed who said “Ain’t no future in yo frontin’ “ he might of b...

Humankind - The evolution of Form

Corporations Lobby to get rid of government regulation. Employees unionise to get rid of corporate regulations. Wealthy corporatists talk about the evil of socialist c...

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