From Imagination to Impact: Meir Benezra’s Design Playing™ Odyssey

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Aloha and a warm welcome to an extraordinary gathering! Today, we have the distinct honor of hosting a visionary individual who has dedicated their passion and expertise to transforming the way we approach innovation and collaboration – the incomparable Meir Benezra.

At the forefront of pioneering methodologies, Meir is the Play Wizard and Founder of Design Playing™, a movement that breathes life into our collective dream of a world where diverse generations come together to playfully shape the future. His journey is an odyssey marked by the belief that through applied dreaming and creative play, we can unlock unparalleled possibilities for both individuals and organizations.

With a profound commitment to inclusivity and a design framework that champions flexibility, Meir has crafted the Design Playing™ approach. This transformative methodology, comprised of three chapters and six stages, draws inspiration from the boundless creativity of children, seeking to foster collaborative innovation rather than conventional problem-solving.

Meir’s vision extends beyond mere concepts, manifesting in the form of Design Playshops that empower organizations to reach new heights of creativity. Whether it’s reimagining the workplace, envisioning strategic stories, or instigating community game-changing, these playshops, guided by Meir’s wisdom, invite participants to embrace the power of play as a catalyst for change.

As a Play Wizard, Meir embodies the spirit of playing as a self-directed, inclusive, and emotionally expressive activity. His words echo the sentiment that playing is not only an act but a powerful manifestation and innovation tool, capable of shaping the world we truly desire.

Moreover, Meir shares his expertise through a comprehensive Master Program, equipping leaders with the mindset, skillset, and toolset needed to facilitate Design Playshops. His three-tiered approach, from DP Facilitator to DP Master, forms a roadmap for those seeking to immerse themselves in the transformative world of Design Playing™.

Beyond the methodologies and playshops, Meir introduces us to a value exchange model, Contribution Balanced Participation (CBP), emphasizing abundance and radical unity. This model underlines his commitment to creating a harmonious and inclusive environment for all.

So, without further ado, let us embark on a journey of inspiration and playfulness with the maestro himself, Meir Benezra. Welcome, Meir, and thank you for gracing us with your presence and wisdom. The stage is yours!

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From Imagination to Impact: Meir Benezra’s Design Playing™ Odyssey
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