Curandero Gabriel - Dangerous ideas, Initiation, & Masks of God

🍄 Aloha, dear listeners! Prepare to embark on a profound journey of consciousness as we welcome a truly remarkable guest to our podcast, Rev. Gabriel Castillo. A gifted mushroom facilitator, Gabriel's initiation by taino curanderos has cultivated a deep connection with the sacred teachings and ancient traditions surrounding the mushroom.

🌿 Gabriel's expertise extends beyond clinical approaches, as he seamlessly navigates the realms of consciousness with the venerable ally, the mushroom. His role as a guide in this transformative space is marked by a commitment to authenticity and an intricate understanding of the mushroom's properties. With a tailored protocol crafted for each journeyer, Gabriel ensures that the sacred mushroom experience is not just transformative but also safe and profoundly healing.

🌌 What sets Gabriel apart is his genuine authenticity, a quality that radiates through his work. Walking between worlds, he adeptly bridges indigenous wisdom with contemporary therapeutic approaches. This unique integration allows guests to delve into the deepest realms of consciousness within the safest settings, honoring traditions while adapting to individual needs.

🌌 Gabriel's teachings emphasize the inherent intelligence of the mushroom, creating a connection that is both deeply personal and expansively cosmic. As the guiding force behind Finally Detached and The Church of the Sacred Spore, Gabriel fosters a communal space for growth, learning, and spiritual exploration.

🌟 Through his dedicated practice as a Curandero, Gabriel remains a beacon of wisdom and a catalyst for change, unlocking the mysteries of consciousness with the venerable and powerful ally that is the mushroom. His commitment to creating a sacred space ensures that you, as a journeyer, will be in the hands of experienced facilitators and healers prioritizing your safety, well-being, and transformation.

🌈 Join us in this illuminating conversation as we explore the profound experiences and transformative teachings of Rev. Gabriel Castillo. Experience the profound and unlock the potential for deep self-discovery, healing, and connection. 🌌 #SacredSporeJourneys #MushroomFacilitator #ConsciousnessExploration

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Curandero Gabriel - Dangerous ideas, Initiation, & Masks of God
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