Strategic Insight: Eric Postow on Operational Planning in Regulated Industries

Eric Postow

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the esteemed Eric Postow, Esq. 2nd, a legal luminary and the Managing Partner at Holon Law Partners. 

Renowned as the Top Operational Planning Voice in his field, Eric's expertise extends across Regulated Industries, First Amendment Religious Freedoms, and the dynamic Hemp Beverage Industry. 

A graduate of the University of Richmond School of Law, hailing from Annandale, Virginia, Eric stands at the forefront of representing clients in the ever-evolving landscapes of regulated cannabis and hemp beverage markets. 

His legal acumen extends beyond conventional boundaries, as he passionately advocates for religious freedoms within intentional communities, navigating the delicate intersection of spirituality and the commercialization of psychedelics and natural plant medicines. 

With a remarkable skill set in Strategic Planning, Public Speaking, and Operational Planning, Eric Postow emerges as a thought leader who delves into conversations surrounding #plantmedicine, #regulatedcannabis, and #regulatedindustries. 

Get ready to be inspired by a legal mind that not only interprets the law but shapes its future. Welcome, Eric Postow, a visionary in the legal realm!

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Strategic Insight: Eric Postow on Operational Planning in Regulated Industries
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