Doma Nunzio - Founder MagicMyco, MycoCoil, & The Cultivar Cup

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MagicMycoFam - The Cultivar Cup
Founder Doma is a mycologist and facilitator of TidalWave Cubensis (among others)
Founder of Magic Mycology Online and inventor of Lab Tool Sterilizer MycoCoil™.

Doma has a background in Bio Science, Art & Technology. Doma has become a pioneer in Cubensis genetic splicing, sub strain fusions, and isolations; while breeding for potency and contamination resistance.

 Through the team's lab and microscopy work they are leading the way and setting standards in the community.

Doma and his Magic Myco team now document the Isolation research work and analyze the data with the MM team.

 HPLC chromatography is now available for potency testing on all fungi & extracts, and CRSPR is within reach for gene editing. 

These tools greatly help in the research, development, and quality control of the work so that it can be taken seriously in studies, treatments, clinical trials and of course legalization efforts.

Doma Provides exceptional lab work with kind courteous customer service and strives to provide the highest in Mycology standards. He aims to push the Mycology hobbyist and the legalization awarness movements forward into a new age of understanding. All Mycology work is done in a professional, clean room environment & every spore is blessed with the good intent of its creator.

• Creator of TidalWave Cubensis
• Creator & Founder of Magic Myco, MYCOCOIL, The Cultivar Cup
• 1st Place Strain @ Psilocybin Cup
• Bio Science Student
• CompTIA certified
• Photography degree

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Doma Nunzio - Founder MagicMyco, MycoCoil, & The Cultivar Cup
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