Duncan So - Expanding Neuroplasticity

Duncan So

Introducing Duncan So, the Burnout Interventionist—a beacon of hope in a world where burnout threatens to dim our inner fire. 

With a deep understanding of the human experience, Duncan helps individuals and teams navigate the challenges of burnout, guiding them toward healing and renewed vitality.

In a society where burnout knows no boundaries, Duncan believes in the universal need for compassion and support. 

As we confront the silent pandemic of burnout, Duncan's mission is clear: to empower individuals to reclaim their sense of purpose, resilience, and well-being.

With a proven track record of guiding thousands toward recovery, Duncan is committed to fostering healthier, more sustainable workplaces where employees can thrive. 

Join him on a journey of self-discovery and transformation—where resilience, meaning, and fulfillment await.




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George Monty
George Monty
My name is George Monty. I am the Owner of TrueLife (Podcast/media/ Channel) I’ve spent the last three in years building from the ground up an independent social media brandy that includes communications, content creation, community engagement, online classes in NLP, Graphic Design, Video Editing, and Content creation. I feel so blessed to have reached the following milestones, over 81K hours of watch time, 5 million views, 8K subscribers, & over 60K downloads on the podcast!
Duncan So - Expanding Neuroplasticity
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