Simon van der Els

Simon van der Els

Researcher interested in the questions: "In what capacity will the biosphere survive the coming centuries?" "How can homo sapiens step up and play a regenerative role instead of the current omnicidal one?" I'd love to participate in a professional setting with others that are interested in these questions. On an analytical and conceptual level (research, think tanks?) as well as on a practical and implemental level (coaching, workshops?). Spent the good part of the last ~12 years studying molecular biology and specializing in the microbial genetics. Over the last 3 years my interest shifted towards the macro scale : systems (both the anthroposphere and the biosphere which encompasses it).

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Brain Lateralization & How we see the World

Today we talk about the language of the brain, the way we see the world, concepts and critical thinking. What would our world look like if we thought primarily with th...

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