Tor Erik Seppola

Tor Erik Seppola

WHAT I DO: I help humans "Manifest" their Dream Reality by providing Scientific Frameworks and Meditation Techniques, as well as the power of authenticity, to be used in our modern technology-driven society, for personal freedom in a shifting world. WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with impact creators including: - Coaches - Consultants - Course Creators - Digital Nomads - Freedom Seekers ... and other brain-possessing individuals. WHY IT WORKS: When people work with me, they get a deeply caring Norse/Viking by their side that won't stop until they reach their destination. We help them to help others with a clear mind, clear impactful goals, and the tech & training, practical and intuitive - to get them there.

Appears in 2 Episodes

The Psychedelic Roundtable

Ever wonder what the drug policy in Norway is like? Ever wanted to start a psychedelic movement in another country. In this episode we do that! A truly psychedelic epi...

The Psychedelic Roundtable - Quantum Science Debunks Determinism

In this episode we are joined by a group of psychedelic merry pranksters to discuss the problem of determinism, the ideas of the quantum mechanics and one flew over th...

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